3 Small Sacrifices that Could = iPad 2

Even though the iPad 2 is one of the greatest electronics on the market, its $500+ price tag makes it seem far, far out of reach. Walking into the Apple store can feel like the company’s dangling a bunch of delicious, high-tech carrots in front of you.

However, buying it retail price isn’t the only way to acquire this awesome electronic. If you use Presta, you can lease to own electronics like the iPad 2. The iPad 2 specifically can be leased for only $21 a week, so making little sacrifices could add up to the $84 you’d need to pay for the device. Here are some awesome ways to adjust your daily choices and get the iPad 2 in days!

Don’t go to the movie theater

Estimated savings: $14/month (two movies)

It doesn’t matter if it’s the new movie in the Twilight series or the next Christopher Nolan thriller — try to keep yourself from going to the movies. The film won’t disappear, and you could be paying off the iPad in the meantime! Movies can run about $10 these days if you go at night, so you’re dishing out a lot of dough for something that’ll only last for 2 hours.

Instead, watch an old movie, rent a cheap movie, or hey, you could even watch a movie on your iPad 2 that you rent from the iTunes store! With the iPad 2, you wouldn’t even have to leave your house, so you can curl up in your pajamas, spend a buck, and be thrilled that you’re clutching one of the greatest gadgets ever. Oh, and you won’t be tempted to buy $30 popcorn.

Don’t buy food substitutions/extras

Estimated savings: $10/month

Think about every cheeseburger you’ve ordered. Do you add cheese? That’s probably about $1 extra, depending on the restaurant. Then think about all of the other stuff you like to add to burgers, pasta, and other entrées, like mushrooms, bacon, avocado, and other food that costs a pretty penny. All of these little add-on costs definitely accumulate to a large amount over months’ time.

Don’t you think it’s worth not substituting your French fries for onion rings in order to get your hands on a high-tech tablet? If you’re able to stick with this decision and then have the strength to pass up random ice cream and late-night food runs, you’ll probably be saving a lot more than you would have thought.

Don’t buy expensive coffee

Estimated savings: $65/month (buying one drink every weekday)

This option definitely varies from person to person. Some people cannot survive without coffee in the morning, and just the thought of giving up their daily trip to Starbucks makes them shudder. However, even if you’re coffee obsessed, you can keep yourself from buying expensive lattes and brew your coffee at home. If you’re someone who’s always at Starbucks, you’ll be saving a ton of money in no time.

If you’re not such a coffee addict, try to think of something else you might be splurging on in little increments. Do you tend to buy soda at restaurants instead of just getting water? Do you have to purchase some sort of accessory every time you stroll through the mall? Do you grab after work every now and then? These seemingly small expenses definitely add up over a month’s time, so try to eliminate them.


If you’re able to decrease the amount of spending money you tend to drop in small amounts at a time, you’ll be surprised when you notice how much money you’re saving. Think about how great it would be to make these minor changes and possess the iPad 2 as a result! And hey, you might be sacrificing small things, but you’re replacing them with the awesome entertainment this Apple tablet can supply for you.