How To Live a Techie Lifestyle on a Shoestring Budget

Just because you don’t have the highest paying job doesn’t mean that latest gadget launch hasn’t caught your eye. It can be difficult to stick to a strict budget when there are so many new products on the market, but fortunately, there are ways to get a hold of those flashy new gadgets without spending a fortune or resorting to cloak-and-dagger deals with strangers.

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Lease to Own

For higher-priced goods, it’s possible to do a monthly payment system where you choose the product you want, open an account with the company, and then make monthly payments. These can be done automatically from your debit or credit card, making it very easy to get exactly what you want. It’s also more affordable for those who have difficulty getting together the money for a larger purchase.

Sometimes it’s just easier to pay monthly rather than in a lump sum. You can lease the product for as long as you want it, with very few restrictions. When you’ve leased the gadget for a certain amount of time, in some cases, it becomes your property, and no more payments are necessary. When there are new products coming out every few months, this can be a good way to get the enjoyment of the products without having to buy everything that comes out.

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Fix It

You shouldn’t discard damaged or broken tech so quickly. Instead, consider fixing it yourself. Repair costs can rack up to more than you’re willing to spend, especially when it comes to phones, tablets, and computer equipment. In some cases, it might be best to cough up the cost of a repair as opposed to digging through wiring and various other components. However, if you’re able to muster up the courage to complete the task yourself, you can at least save on the labor cost, if nothing else.

First of all, don’t be afraid you’ll break anything. Consider yourself a technological guru for just a brief moment, load up, and start purchasing the parts you need, as well as any tools necessary to crack open and repair the device. You should think about consulting YouTube as well for a video guide of a professional repairing your specific device, like this one for iPhone users.

Don’t be afraid to take the reins, no matter what option you choose. There’s no such thing as too small of a budget with so many ways to afford great tech. Whether you’re paying monthly, or just fixing your old devices, you can at least say you considered all your options and made the best decision for your budget.

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