10 Products from the Future that You Can Buy Today

It used to be that one would turn on The Jetsons to see futuristic flying cars while supercomputers were just a fantasy. Now these products are not so far off in the distance, and some are starting to emerge. They may be only affordable to the über-rich, but tomorrow is here today. Below are 10 products from the future that you can buy now.

Photo Source: Kenhodge 13 w/CC License

1. The Flying Car – Thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer, the wait is over for the flying car. Within 30 seconds, this vehicle transforms itself from a typical cart to a Light Sport aircraft. The car has a 100-horsepower, 4-cylinder engine with a maximum airspeed of 115 miles per hour. The flying car is perfect for day trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island. The price: $350,000.

2. Seabreacher – Jet skis are no longer needed with this dolphin-shaped power boat. The Seabreacher was designed for recreational boating to allow the user to submerge and launch into the air, just like a real dolphin. Customized options are available to personalize the boating experience.  The price: $48,000 for a base model and close to $68,000 for the high-performance model.

3. BeoVision 4 Plasma Television – Go to the movies in your own home with Bang & Olufsen’s 85-inch plasma television. The 3D plasma screen comes in 85 or 103 inches. It features a screen that lowers when you’re not watching, utilizing a built-in camera used to check the screen after every 100 hours of use to adjust the color balance. The price: $85,000 ($1,000 per inch of viewing picture).

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4. Vertu Constellation Quest Smartphone – Nokia’s Vertu division created a super-luxury Constellation Quest cellphone for the Hollywood elite. The phone features leather and sapphire keys, and it runs Nokia’s Symbian operating system. It also includes a loudspeaker with dual sound ports, a display with 16 million colors, a keyboard with 11 languages, and exclusive ring tones from the London Symphony Orchestra. The price: $8,299.

5. Water Jet Pack – This water thrusting jet pack helps one realize dreams of personal flight and promises freedom, exhilaration, and adventure. The Jet Pack can reach more than 30 feet high and reach speeds of 29 miles per hour. Every piece of equipment sold comes with a personal training session. The price: $130,000.

6. Cars That Medically Diagnose – What sounds like an idea from science fiction is actually real science and car technology combined. Ford® Motor Company is already releasing cars with cloud-based health monitoring tools built into the cars. Using FordSYNC technology, your Ford® car will also become your second doctor. The car features the ability to relay pollen alerts for allergy sufferers, to monitor heart rate via built-in heart sensors on the driver’s seat, and track glucose in the blood to help diabetics monitor their insulin levels.

7. Robotically Controlled Cars – Is the United States ready for an invisible driver? The state of Nevada may soon see computer-controlled cars. Google and the Toyota® Prius team are working together on a car that actually drives itself while the owner sits in the passenger seat. And good news for the passenger: The “distracted driver” laws do not apply to the robot driver. This invisible-driver vehicle is already built and being tested on 140,000 miles of California roads.

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8. Electric Folding Bike – The YikeBike is not an ordinary bike. It is a foldable electric, 2-wheel bike that weighs a mere 21 pounds. The bike not only has built-in LED lights, it also has a comfortable leather seat. The price: $4,860.

9. Lawn Mower Robot – Tired of mowing the grass every weekend? Consider the fully automated solar-powered lawn mower robot. This mower uses solar power to charge itself. It features technology to climb slopes, identifies its routes, and moves around obstacles. The mower was built for both home and commercial purposes. The robotic mower can also store all the grass cuttings or redistribute them on the lawn.

10. Solar Powered Phones – The Samsung Blue Earth Eco-Phone is a mobile phone made of recycled materials, including the plastic from water bottles. It contains a solar panel on the back to keep the phone charged. The handset and charger are free of toxic materials and chemicals. The phone also contains a large touchstone screen, has Bluetooth capabilities, and can conserve energy with the eco-mode capability. The price: approximately $447 without a service plan.

From jet packs to flying cars to solar powered cell phones, the future is here. The products continue to get more exciting, even if the prices are a little steep.

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